Our Trip to the East of Canada-I

My husband and I visited our daughter in Montreal, QC, who is doing her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. Meanwhile, I visited the labs at the Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer at the University of Montreal because I’m involved in their current research project. We also visited Ottawa, ON, for several days. The trip took us about 12 days, and many activities were happening. I made a photo diary of the trip. This is Part I.

Visiting Ottawa

I visited Ottawa, ON, many times for work before I was diagnosed with lung cancer. I’m always admiring Ottawa because it’s not a mega-city like Toronto, but it has all that the big cities can offer, such as museums, art galleries, concerts, sceneries, cuisines…  


It was at the end of autumn. From Montreal to Ottawa, it takes two hours by car. For the first time in almost 30+ years, I enjoyed and truly appreciated the colour of the fall of Canada.

National Gallery of Canada

One place I have always visited is the National Gallery of Canada. This is the first time I have come to Ottawa since I have lung cancer. The Gallery evoked a lot of memory.


The first time I visited Parliament Hill was almost 30 years ago. At the time, we visited the parliament inside and out, but the atmosphere was totally different this time. Firstly, Parliament Hill is not accessible due to repair. Secondly, there are three demonstrations, one for handicapped people, one for abortion and the third for some men shouting about some language (English or French) issue. However, we went around Parliament Hill, viewing the beautiful scenery around Ottawa.     


The hotel we lived in was excellent both at night and daytime. It has all the advantages, and it’s connected to a Casino. It’s super luxurious and waterfront.     


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