Sightseeing in Vienna

I attended IASLC/WCLC2022 in Vienna, Austria, from August 6 to August 9. Since I’ve been writing articles about the conference with, here I will focus on sightseeing in Vienna, one of my dream cities. I was in Vienna several days before the conference.

St. Stephson’s Cathedral (Stephansdom Wien) 

St. Stephson’s Cathedral (Stephansdom Wien) is a must-see place. It accompanied Vienna through much of the city’s history.

A concert of Wiener Royal Orchester

I planned to go to Vienna to listen to concerts and operas. Unfortunately, most of the venues, like Austria’s leader opera house (Wievv Staatsoper) and world-famous acoustics (Musikverein Brahms-Saal), were not open while we were there. The concert of the Wiener Royal Orchester we attended was great. Too bad we couldn’t take pictures.

Kunst Historisches Museum Wien

Numerous world-class works of art live in Kunst Historisches Museum Wien. Among them, the third-row and first painting remind me of the winter in my hometown of Winnipeg, Canada.

Parks and streets

I spent a lot of time on the streets and parks. It was beautiful except that it was too hot.

Dining in Vienna

The top two photos are from a Chinese restaurant (新四川) not far from our hotel. Amazingly, they made authentic Sichuan food. We also tried several famous restaurants like Figlmüller Bäckerstraße and Café-Konditorei Aida, Café Central and Vienna Marriott Hotel.

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