It’s not easy to stand alone on what you believe is right.

Wuhan (China) has gone through COVID-19 pandemic. People from Wuhan accumulated a lot of experience and made some mistakes. We should learn from their experience and put aside the difference.

Wearing the masks

Finally, the Canadian government changed its attitude, saying wearing masks (not N95 masks) are good for people to prevent the COBID-19 spread. It was happened 2nd day of the USA encouraged people to use masks. I have observed that since the end of January, people mainly from Chinese, South Korean, Japanese and Singapore, have used masks. It has been proven that masks can help to prevent the spread of COVID-19, even if they cannot protect us 100%.

Many Chinese from mainland China in the USA and Canada knew the COVID-19 since it was broken out. So some of them wear masks at the time, even N95 masks. I’ve heard some of Chinese in the USA had difficult experiences because of the masks. I overheard that one Chinese student was pushed down on the subways and was killed because he wore a mask. Americans could tolerate freedom of speech, but couldn’t tolerate some people wearing masks. Although I had posted the article about wearing masks before the USA and Canadian governments encouraged to do so, I had to wait for a while because I didn’t want to be the first several people to promote wearing masks.

It’s not easy to stand alone on what you believe in something right. I was promoting to wear masks at the very beginning when pandemic came to Canada through FB, but it was against what the government said.

Disinfecting the surface of goods

Now, there is another issue I have to talk, that is people use 70% alcohol to clean the packages of food and parcels. 70% of alcohol has a Flash Point of 25 °C. It extremely dangerous, but I haven’t heard any precaution mentioned.

It’s widespread people in China to use the 60% alcohol to clean the packages for food and daily necessities. It has been the fire in the residential area (see video below). Now in one of the talks given to lung cancer doctors, I heard that some lung cancer patients took the 70% alcohol to clean the MRI or CT equipment before their testing. It is like these cancer patients are taking a burning bomb everywhere with them. I brought up the problem in the talk with lung cancer patients, but it didn’t get the attention. I strongly suggested not to use 70% alcohol, rather than to use Lysol or mixtures of bleach and water.

One picture is equal to 1000 words. Please see below.


The Chinese words are: The lower floor residents were cleaning using 60% of alcohol and got a fire because somebody upstairs threw a cigarette bud. (I couldn’t upload the video, thus a picture instead.)

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