Thank you…

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Best wishes to your family.

It’s unbelievable 2019 is almost passed. This year is unusual for me. It was 4.5 years when I diagnosed with lung cancer. I am stable due to targeted therapy and an excellent oncology team.

Having lung cancer sucks. It keeps my family on the toe. But having lung cancer taught me a lot. I could not believe how much I learned and what I had become a different person. The first three years, I felt very “abnormal”, but I awakened since June 2018 that I decided to LIVE even only for a short time. I started to do advocacy. I joined the Canadian Cancer Society talking to newly diagnosed patients. I also joined FB, Twitter and WeChat to communicate with doctors, patients and caregivers to share the knowledge and to encourage each other both in China and the USA. I organised the Winnipeg Lung Cancer Support Group and subsequently, hosted a Winnipeg Lung Cancer Patient Summit. I published two to three articles per month for Health Union (a USA charitable organisation) to give lung cancer patients a voice. I attended international lung cancer research conferences and survivorship conference. Importantly I raised fund for Canadian and American lung cancer charities $2,770 (CND) and $21,441 (USA). I am a tireless advocate.

Besides advocacy, I travelled to five cities in 2019, such as Barcelona (Spain), Washington DC, Les Vegas, Vancouver and Toronto. I got several travel awards as an advocate for lung cancer conferences representing patients and survivors.

From the top to the right in Barcelona in September 2019 1) at the Patient Advocate Travel Award ceremony at IASLC/WCLC2019, 2) at World Conf. of Lung Cancer with other patients 3) with Dr Shaw (the best lung cancer oncologist) in Harvard U, 4) Picasso Museum 5) famous church Sagrada Familia, and 5) the Street food.

From the top to the right 1)-4) Winnipeg Lung Cancer Education Evening, and Winnepeg Lung Cancer Support Group (I was one of the organisers.) and 5) Winnipeg Lung Cancer 3KM Walk Marathon.



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